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Black IPA
on 23 Sep 2011

Very tasty, a nice bitter kick with a malty sweet finish. Very different and an innovative beer.
on 21 Sep 2011

Tropical pineapple chunks and great assertive bitterness. Very very nice.
Settler's Pale
on 18 Sep 2011

Fruit salad, tropical flavours with a hefty bitter kick that defies its 4.8% . Delicious and moorish.
on 18 Sep 2011

A great flavoured Pilsner with superb bitterness. Crisp and refreshing.
1000 IBU
on 17 Aug 2011

Wow, saw this on tap and couldn't resist the opportunity. 1000IBU sounds crazy, 80 is usually a big hop monster!

The nose had a slight vegetal, almost rotting smell. Initial sweetness gives way to a bitterness that grows and lingers. Not much subtlety but still surprisingly drinkable.

Delicious for one, try it if you see it, but probably not one to drink all night!
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