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Monty Python's Holy Ail
on 19 Feb 2010

Holy moly! (I feel an exclamation mark was warranted there.) Bottom of the Black Sheep list. Palatable but not hugely distinctive or memorable. Being Black Sheep, however, it is a lovely ale.
Manor Ale
on 19 Feb 2010

Tastes like Tom Waits sings (in his questionable era). Liquorice aftertaste.
Red Cuillin
on 19 Feb 2010

Deceitfully smoky flavour, mugging the palate with a bitter aftertaste. Rah rah rah. Bloody Scots. I love them really.
on 19 Feb 2010

A crowd pleaser. Sweet, very easy to drink. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
Flying Herbert
on 19 Feb 2010

Ah no. Not Toilet Duck again. Very citrusy.
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