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From the Young's brewery.
at 5.0%.
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Unusual name, unusual beer! The “Waggle Dance” is the movement a bee performs to alert the hive to a source of nectar. The Waggle Dance beer is a beautifully balanced, sneakily seductive, golden coloured beer. it is popular both as a cask ale (Alc. 4.0% Vol.) and in 500ml bottle (Alc. 5.0% Vol.) across a wide range of beer lovers both male and female and of all (legal) drinking ages.
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by wicheda on 18 Sep 2009

A lovely refreshing beer with a touch of sweetness coming from the honey added. Beautifully balanced, a good beer for a summer evening lightly chilled.
by Anonymous on 12 Oct 2010

Splendid - a most jolly tipple.
by Anonymous on 15 Nov 2010


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