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From the Timothy Taylor brewery.
Ale at 4.1%.
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Excellent ale, flavoursome and well balanced.
Tasting Notes
barnyard bitter citrus hops


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by Anonymous on 07 Mar 2010

Great stuff in the bottle. Pubs can tend to get it wrong, the further you travel from Keighley.
by Anonymous on 12 Mar 2010

A wondeful, tastemungus ale, full of flavour, highly recommended!
by Anonymous on 14 Sep 2010

Good pint of best bitter on cask. Just not as good as CAMRA say it is- good pint but not an all time great.
by Anonymous on 28 Sep 2010

A fabulous beer. I'm biased as it's my favourite beer from my local brewery. Multiple award winning bitter. The bottled version is very good.
by Anonymous on 04 May 2011

Not a big winner for me,a bit tame....foxy.
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