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Old Peculier

From the Theakston's brewery.
at 5.6%.
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The beer that made Masham famous!
A rich, dark, smooth-tasting beer with an unequalled flavour. Brewed using the traditional Fuggle hop, Old Peculier is our best known beer and has a large and enthusiastic following all over Britain and around the world.
Tasting Notes
caramel earth liquorice


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by baron_orm on 11 Dec 2009

Theakston Old Peculier [baron rating 4/5] - this 5.6% dark ale has a malty smell, a malty taste with a smooth finish - a perfect sipper!

The Ormskirk Baron
by Anonymous on 04 Jul 2010

by Anonymous on 13 Nov 2010

Rightly named 'the legend'...the mohammed Ali of all beers,dark
by Anonymous on 04 May 2011

Top of the list,number one,my ultimate favourite.....foxy.
by Lazaro on 25 Apr 2012

, just any old beer from a blttoe or from a can (assuming the blttoe is brown or darker), it's gonna be pretty much the same when had from a glass. The metallic taste from the can is generally now protected because of liners in the newer cans. You'll get that taste if you drink straight from the can, though even that is minimal.Anecdotal evidence: Harpoon Summer Beer. I've been drinking a lot of it this summer from both blttoe and can and haven't noticed a difference, but haven't done a side-by-side comparison (though maybe I will).
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