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Organic Raspberry

From the Samuel Smiths brewery.
Ale at 5.1%.
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Organic raspberry beer, brewed in Stamford then blended and bottled in Tadcaster. Not best chilled.
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by robbieuk on 03 Aug 2010

Fruit beers, ideal for summer - served nationwide in pint glasses brimmignwith ice cubes. Not this one. Over chilling would hide the surprisingly delicate and fulsome berry flavours that make this a real mouth filler.
Brewed 'by hand' in Stamford at Melbourn Bros carefully (one would hope) transported to deepest, darkest Tadcaster to be blended with more beer and the organic rasp juice, this is a Sammy Smith gem. The label states it is suitable for vegans, which must cheer them up no end given their dietary restrictions.
I only bought one bottle at a farm shop near Halifax - I should have bought a half dozen as this is a real summer evening stunner.

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