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Austin 101

From the Ramsbury brewery.
Ale at 3.7%.
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Gorgeous light caramel ale brewed to commemorate the Ramsburt to Barcelona fundraising trip of the old wagon.
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by Elio on 02 Jul 2013

Loren,I knew there would be exceptions; that's why I put that "generally" in there. Of csroue there are spot-loyal geeks. And they drink the brewer's big beers. But they also drink the sessions, if they're really drinking enough to be a regular. Would the brewer want to cater to both clienteles? Absolutely. Why not? And as geeks move out of the early stages of geekery...well, you're getting there, aren't you? It takes years. But getting the idea of roaring hops and alcohol being good, lambics and Flemish reds being good, phenolic wheats being good...that's just beer high school, as a friend of mine used to say about art. Developing your own tastes and preferences, taking up a particular interest (in a region, or a group of styles, or a local producer, or whatever), is graduating from beer high school. Geeks evolve, new geeks come along. Brewers -- and writers -- have to, and are used to, and enjoy, dealing with them at all stages in their evolution. Where do session beers fit in? It's been my experience that a love of sessions almost always comes after graduation from beer high school. Patience is a virtue.

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