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Pure UBU

From the Purity brewery.
Lager at 4.5%.
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Pure UBU pronounced OO-BOO - is named after our faithful/feared canine friend UBU, protector of our secrets.

UBU 4.5% ABV is a distinctive Premium amber coloured beer.

Using 100% English Maris Otter Malt with Challenger and Cascade hops, creates a balanced full flavoured beer that is a pleasure to drink.
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by wicheda on 26 Nov 2009

A seriously delicious pint at any point of an evening.

The reason being this is a beautifully balanced drink. It combines a sweet honeyed initial taste with a longer lasting full-flavoured bitterness. Hints of vanilla come through and a slight figginess add to the overall flavour.

Excellent, this slips down a treat.
by baron_orm on 14 Mar 2010

Purity Pure UBU [baron rating 3/5] - this 4.5% copper ale has a spicy hops smell,a very carbonated crisp tangy taste & slight bitter finish
by Anonymous on 04 Oct 2010

My fave! ?
by Der on 02 Jul 2013

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