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Hix Oyster Ale

From the Palmers brewery.
Ale at 5.5%.
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A strong, nutty full strength dark beer that delivers a deep, distinctive and long lasting taste.
Tasting Notes
caramel hops toffee


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by wicheda on 05 Feb 2010

I tasted this at Hix Soho in the basement bar, one of the few higher end bars I've been to who actually bother sourcing some good beers (others included Innis & Gunn and Rick Stein's Chalky's last bite).

This one was great, it's a good dark beer bursting with sweet slightly fruity flavours and a great smooth texture. Highly recommended.
by Daz on 16 Mar 2010

fantastic beer from a small family owned brewery in Bridport, Dorset.

Rich, fruity and rather strong! loved it!

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