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Game Keeper

From the Milestone Brewing brewery.
Ale at 5.2%.
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Nice coloured ale,great flavour not too strong in taste....foxy.
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by Alyona on 12 Dec 2012

Anon - 9:24Uh, yes and no. While I live next to those, I'm in the middle of cow crtnuoy. None of the farms use corn feeding. Grain, yes. That only means grass, by the way, not corn. Sorghum is the bulk and it's inedible to humans. It also grows where wheat and corn do not. Also, keep in mind Pollon was writing a scare book to "feed" to the public. As such, he uses hyperbole. Drive around the crtnuoyside -- yourself, don't rely on a book. Notice those huge round rolls? Grass with a mix of other natural plants. You know, a balanced diet. Not hay, hay is dead stalk of wheat with virtually no nutrition because the other parts to elsewhere. Hence, his accuracy in stating "If you were feeding an equivalent amount of hay, the sheer bulk of it would overwhelm you." This is not true of bulk grass. It's not as calorie intensive as corn, but it's healthier and about as cheap. While there may be some processers who work in the manner the interview -- on Fresh Air, remember -- indicates, it by no means works across the entire industry that way. The concentration of the cattle to one point is a necessity. Otherwise, you would have slaughter houses strewn across the crtnuoyside and the need for more expensive transport, raising prices. The ultimate determinator is price. The price you the consumer is willing to pay. A slaughter cow will gross $600+ for the farmer. Then you take out expenses.

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