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Owd Rodger

From the Marston's brewery.
Ale at 7.6%.
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Brewed to a recipe believed to be over 500 years old, using malted barley, English Aroma hops and well water. Rich fruit flavours with a dry bitter-sweet finish.
Tasting Notes
bitter fruit toffee

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by wicheda on 16 Jun 2010

I tried this the other day, definitely punchy with a strong sweet kick.
by Anonymous on 02 Aug 2010

I could all to easily get used to this one. So much classier than special brew. I think I need a lie down now...
by Anonymous on 03 Apr 2011

This ale is quite amazing. A dangerously nice beer.
by gerry on 16 Nov 2011

The very best ale I have ever had (and I have had an awful lot).
Very full fruity taste.
Exceptional bangs for your bucks.

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