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Double Drop

From the Marston's brewery.
Ale at 5.0%.
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Crafted using the almost forgotten "double dropping" fermentation technique to deliver a fresher and brighter beer that brings out the full (malty flavour of Maris Otter "the king of brewing barley") clean flavour of the malt. A large application of late hops are added to the wort kettle to enhance the aroma and give a sense of the bitter flavour of beers of the past.
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by richh on 28 Oct 2009

Very clean with a clear-cut, hoppy bite.
by baron_orm on 10 Nov 2009

Marston's Double Drop [baron rating 4/5] - this 5% golden ale has a sweet hoppy smell, crisp citrus taste followed by a hoppy dry bitterness

The Ormskirk Baron

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