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Burton Bitter

From the Marston's brewery.
Bitter at 3.8%.
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Marston's Burton Bitter is one of our oldest beers, amongst the first created by John Marston when he established his brewery in 1834.

It is crafted using only the finest, barley, hops, yeast and famous Burton spring water to deliver an exceptionally clean tasting beer combining malty biscuity flavours with a delicate hop character and finish.

It is almost 1000 years since the beer making virtues of Burton's spring water was discovered by the Monks of Burton Abbey. The spring water does not come from the River Trent, it is rain water that has fallen on the surrounding hills, and percolated down through gypsum beds, forming an underground stream on the valley floor. It is these trace elements of gypsum (calcium sulphate) which help to make a clearer, brighter bitter. We collect our natural spring water from several wells on site at our brewery.

Throughout the world other brewers have to artificially 'Burtonise' their brewing water in order to compensate for the misfortune of not being based in Burton-upon-Trent, the home of British Brewing. As well as producing a clearer, brighter bitter, natural filtration through the gypsum beds also adds the distinctive sulphurous aroma that has affectionately become known as 'Burton Snatch'. So if you want a beer with a distinctive taste and depth of character, Don't Compromise, choose Burton Bitter.
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by wicheda on 24 Jan 2010

Bought as part of a 4-pack from Marston's, this is a pretty average bottle.

It's fairly weak at 3.8%, which comes through in its slightly bland flavour. There wasn't enough of a bitter edge to give it character, disappointing.
by baron_orm on 14 Mar 2010

Morrisons has bottles of Marston's Burton Bitter [baron rating 2/5] for 99p - a 3.8% amber ale which is a bit too mild and 'delicate' for me
by Janae on 27 Dec 2011

So that's the case? Quite a revelaiton that is.


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