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Little Creatures Pale Ale

From the Little Brewing Co brewery.
English Pale Ale at 5.6%.
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Australias Finest Beer
Tasting Notes
fruit bitter


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by Anonymous on 16 Jun 2010

Delicious, fruity with a bitter kick. Probably the best Antipodean beer out there.
by Shemroz on 27 Sep 2012

I live around a "ton" of fargoe raised farms. USDA figures put fargoe at 75+% of feed in the life of cattle. Most cows spend the bulk of thier lives on grassy plains and knolls. Toward the slaughter (which is typically month 20), they are sold and shipped. Yes, they are marblized (fattened) so city people will buy the meat. Go Google on "cattle + feed + percentage + grain". Many university studies. You'll have some 1.4 million entries to check. As a farm girl, you should know full well that cattle stand around in their own feces in the fields too. It is counter-productive to judge farm (small or large) with city sensibilities, as most of those dwellers find cow crap offensive regardless of the quantity. On that point, most of the cattle raised in Mo are on small farms. Even large farms (1000+ acres) segregate the cattle into smaller groups for control. I'm quite sure Wy does it differently, they have a different landscape. Yes. All grasses are cereals, all cereals are grain, even the stuff in your front yard. Hmm. Makes it easy to say "grain fed", don't it? On that note, let me redact. I used a colloquial before. Hay is frequently used here (SoMo) as I mentioned. In the dictionary, it merely refers to grass, so I'll presume Pollon (don't know him well enough to call him Micheal) used it that way as well. Even giving him that, his statement about being overwelmed using hay is hyperbole. Recall the drought in Texas and Oklahoma several years ago, where ranchers in Ks, Mo, Il, etc shipped feed to them to keep their cattle alive? Were corn cheaper, corn would have been shipped. It was grass that was shipped. Pollon had a book to sell. You don't get sales by saying "not much wrong here".


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