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Fursty Ferret

From the Hall and Woodhouse brewery.
at 4.4%.
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Originally brewed at the Gribble Inn, Fursty Ferret was hugely popular, with demand by far exceeding supply and the capability of the micro brewery. Now brewed at Hall & Woodhouse, Ferret has become a favourite Seasonal Cask Ale and one of the best selling bottled ales in UK Supermarkets today.

This original recipe has now been researched and developed in order to meet the expressed needs of the modernist bottled ale consumer.

When in decades past the idyllic country home of Miss Rose Gribble became a local inn, legend has it that the inquisitive local ferrets frequented the pub's back door on a mission to sample its own reputed brew. In their honour it was named Fursty Ferret, and today is brewed in greater quantity, so now you can enjoy the celebrated ale that still eludes the ferrets of the Gribble Inn.
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by wicheda on 17 Sep 2009

Fursty Ferret is a great light ale. At a relatively sober 4.4% it goes down easy and still packs in lots of flavour. Good for long summer days.
by baron_orm on 10 Nov 2009

Badger Fursty Ferret [baron rating 4/5] - this 4.4% pale amber ale has a spicy hoppy smell, a crisp taste & bitter hoppy finish: lovely!

The Ormskirk Baron


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