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Black Dog

From the Elgood & Sons brewery.
Mild at 3.6%.
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Award-winning seasonal dark mild, brewed in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire by two hundred year odl family run brewery.
Tasting Notes
fruit liquorice smoke


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by robbieuk on 31 Dec 2009

An exceptionally fine dark mild - in itself an unusual find, especially outside of the northwest.

The rich ebony colour and luxurious aroma suggest treacle and nutmeg - and all things yuletide. However, Black Dog (although seasonal) is light enough enjoy to sup over lunch (fried eggs, chips & beans, as it happens) or enjoy alone. A second pint goes down very well for pudding!

A well kept pint of Black Dog really hits the spot with its smooth, slightly rich taste. Not too heavy though and as a half pint, excellent for those who usually stick to lighter coloured ales.

This year, my second favourite find!

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