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Courage Directors Bitter

From the Courage brewery.
Bitter at 4.8%.
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Courage Directors Bitter is a Top 5 Premium Cask Ale with a strong following in London and the South East.

It is a genuine premium ale, pale brown in appearance with a deep rich taste.

As part of the Courage family with has over 200 years of brewing pedigree, Courage Directors Bitter was originally brewed exclusively for the Directors of the Alton Brewery and not for public sale.
Tasting Notes


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by baron_orm on 10 Nov 2009

Had a Courage Directors [baron rating: 3/5] over the weekend - this 4.8% amber ale had a balanced hoppy and bitter taste but wasn't amazing

The Ormskirk Baron
by Anonymous on 14 Sep 2010

Good bitter with smooth malty taste. Would call it light brown - it's slightly darker than most bitter. It's hard not to like it if you like good bitter.
by butcombebitter on 25 Sep 2010

a shadow of its former self with the brand having been resold and shipped around the country to be brewed by various breweries now home to Bedford

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