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From the Cairngorm brewery.
Ale at 5.1%.
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A mighty fine ale
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by Anonymous on 16 Mar 2010

This beer is named after an animal peculiar to the Scottish Highlands - Felis sylvestris grampia, or Scottish Wildcat. They're pretty rare, having been persecuted almost to the point of extinction, and for a while were only to be found in the extreme northern highlands, but if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one in the area around this brewery. They look like slightly large, ordinary household ...
...different species. CAIRNGORM BREWERY used to produce beer in the almost inaccessible village of Tomintoul, deep in the Grampian Mountains. A few years ago, however, they made their way over the arctic-like plateaux of the Cairngorms to the tourist trap that is Aviemore.

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