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Oxford Gold

From the Brakspear brewery.
at 4.0%.
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English Target hops give this beer a remarkable aroma. Late hopping with Goldings and fermentation by the Brakspear yeast creates a remarkable zesty aroma, a full fruity flavour and a golden colour. All Hops and Barley used in this beer are organically grown and produced.
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by wicheda on 07 Oct 2009

A very tasty beer out the bottle. It was surprisingly fizzy but once it settled down proved a light hoppy beer suitable for everyday (night?) drinking.
by baron_orm on 10 Nov 2009

Brakspear Oxford Gold [baron rating 3/5] - this 4.6% golden ale is fruity & hoppy in smell, has a pleasant taste & a bitter finish

The Ormskirk Baron


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