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Best Bitter

From the Bathams brewery.
Bitter at 4.5%.
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Light ale, sweetish to taste - good on its own or with light food. Brewed by a family-owned brewer in the Black Country.
Tasting Notes
caramel fruit medicine


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by robbieuk on 31 Dec 2009

Refreshing, light, sweet edge and ever so slightly nutty. Golden.

Served in a traditional glass bottle, labelled 'Bathams Delph Ales - Best Bitter' this is a lovely drop, and ideal to savour as you enjoy the Worcestershire countryside chug past on the Severn Valley Railway near the brewery in Brierley Hill (it is served it the buffet car).

The name Delph Ales comes from the name of the road in Brierley Hill where the five-generations of Bathams have run their brewery tap pub.

Good enough on its own, it was also excellent to wash down a winter's day snack of pork pie and crisps!

See for ber info and brewery history.
by Anonymous on 12 Oct 2010

My favourite beer, best served on draught and if you have a session ensure your no further than 30 seconds from a loo the next morning
by WBALTQ1 on 27 Sep 2011

The clue is in the name, Best Bitter, it is THE BEST you will ever taste. Nothing else comes close.
by iceman on 26 Aug 2013

the best draught beer you'll ever taste, the bottled bathams is nice but not a patch on the draught
by oapval61 on 15 Oct 2017

i am 71 yrs old drank beer since I was 15,best beer I have ever tasted


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