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From the Adnams brewery.
Ale at 4.1%.
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Malty & hoppy
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by Foxy on 04 Oct 2011

A really enjoyable tipple.malty & hoppy.very refreshing.
by Diego on 25 Apr 2012

I am so excited for you. A colpue of years ago, I was making my own beer. Pale Ale's mostly, but the last batch I tried an Apricot Ale. All were delicious. 6%+ alcohol content. The excitement of watching your batch bubble. The bottling. The whole process is a fun journey. Even waiting (which seemed like forever) for the first batch to be ready. I loved every aspect of it. Even more so the beer! So much, I drank a lot. I over loaded my body with yeast, so much I had to stop making it. It is definitely a wonderful thing-but for me, something to be enjoyed as a special treat. I still have all my beer making stuff for some time in the future, so I look forward to hearing about all your discoveries! I got a lot of my supplies at All Seasons on 8th avenue.

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