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East Green

From the Adnams brewery.
Ale at 4.3%.
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East Green is a pale blonde beer that began life as an effort to produce an environmentally responsible beer that had flavour and integrity in equal balance. We wanted to design a beer that uses a minimum amount of energy without compromising on quality. We use Pale Ale malted barley which is grown and malted in East Anglia, we also use Boadicea hops, which are grown in Suffolk's only commercial hop yard. We chose Boadicea as not only is it available locally but it is also an aphid resistant hop. Aphids, as anyone who has a hop plant growing in their garden will know, love hops, and so aphicides are sprayed during the season to rid the plant of aphids. Boadicea is naturally resistant to aphids and so this cuts down on the amount of pesticides that have to be used. All that aside, I also think it is a great hop. It has a fantastic grassy lemon quality that works so well with this beer. We use the hops at 3 stages during the brewing process in order to maximise the flavour we get from it.

2009 International Beer Challenge COMMENDED (Golden Ale 4.1-5% category)
Tasting Notes

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by baron_orm on 09 Nov 2009

Adnams East Green [baron rating 2/5] - this 4.3% pale golden beer has a grainy smell, a slighly sweet dry taste & mild bitter finish - bland

The Ormskirk Baron
by Foxy on 04 Oct 2011

A slight citrus taste,tastes a bit bland.

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