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From the Adnams brewery.
Ale at 6.3%.
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Rich fruitcake aromas – almonds, zest and conserved fruit. A wonderful balance of malt and hop flavours. A beer to savour and rich in flavour.


Tasting Notes
caramel sourness

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by wicheda on 18 Sep 2009

A good kick to this one, plenty of rich deep flavours so watch out how many of these you knock back.
by baron_orm on 09 Nov 2009

Adnams Broadside [baron rating 4/5] - this 6.3% ale has a strong malty aroma, a very smooth dried fruit malt taste despite the ABV - lovely!

The Ormskirk Baron
by Anonymous on 23 Feb 2010

Not bad this time round, a touch of sourness kicking in though!
by Anonymous on 02 Sep 2010

A classic!
by Anonymous on 18 Mar 2011

A sour taste to it,very rich.the bottled version is strong,6.3% so be aware...foxy.
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