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From the 3B's brewery.
Ale at 4.6%.
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by Bhaatta on 25 Mar 2013

Guys: you're missing the point. Ask any breewr, even brewpub breewrs: the majority of their customers, the people who actually come in three or four times a week and keep the place humming along and profitable, are not beer geeks. The lightest beer available sells best, but it's not light beer, and they're buying it in a place where they're exposed to other people drinking a wide variety of beers, which often leads them to try that variety...and often leads to them finding -- to their surprise -- that they like some of the other ones. Yeah, beer geeks are whores. That's why smart breewrs don't cater to them more than they have to. They're catering to the person who will make their brewpub a regular weekly stop, or will buy their beer for take-home every week, instead of the person who will fit them into their rotation maybe once a month. Geeks talk, geeks enthuse (they also bitch and whine and denigrate): but they don't generally go to the same brewpub every week. It's not about the geeks. It's about the regulars.

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