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An introduction

written on 29 Oct 2009

Hello all, I thought before anything else perhaps I should introduce myself and describe my aims for this site.

My name is Daniel and I live in London (capital of the UK, not Ontario or any other naming coincidences). As well as being a technical wizard I love beer. So naturally once I left my job and had some time on my hands, what better to do than combine my only two skills to create What Ales You.

It was inspired by the likes of RateBeer and 97bottles but I felt they were two American focused and we needed some more representation this side of the Atlantic. For a nation supposedly famous for its beer there weren't many websites out there. Clearly this site is not going to be purely UK-based beers and I'm not going to vet the site (bar blocking spammers) so let's see how it grows naturally.

The key to this site is that it is user generated, I want people to add their favourite beers when they don't exist. It is, for want of a less nauseating phrase, fully Web 2.0 enabled. We've even got a Twitter account and everything man. So please add any beers that are missing. I hope you enjoy using the site!