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Brew dog - Believe the hype?

written on 29 Oct 2009


Seemingly the biggest thing in the beer (and even normal) press has been the Scottish brewery Brew dog. Run by two young go-getters, James Watt and Martin Dickie, they have recently got investment from US-based Keith Greggor and Tony Foglio who grew Skyy vodka and sold it to Campari.

Their first recent melee with the media was when they released Tokyo, a Stout at 18.2% for £9.99 a bottle! Certainly a bold move and the hand-wringing Mail-ites were out in force complaining about this blatant disregard for the health of the nation. An MSP even launched a motion in the Scottish Parliament against Tokyo. The lack of logic and sheer bloody-minded stupidity of the MSP doing that must be deliberate. Certainly in pound per unit of alcohol it is not a cheap drink, and with plenty of New World wine around the 15% mark (and sold in 250ml glasses across the country) it's not a particularly strong drink. Perhaps they imagine teenagers downing pints of it in parks (at £17.20 a pint retail incidentally). In response Brewdog amusingly brought out Nanny State, a weak beer with the slogan "Would you like some cotton wool with that". Nice!

Most recently they are doing an online IPO to try and raise £2,300,000 from 10,000 shares (at a total of 9% of the company). I'm not a financial advisor and probably won't be buying (it values their company at over £25,000,000 with a 2008 turnover of £789,000) but it's an interesting idea. It also gives you a 20% discount on their beers for life (bought from them presumably).


In my local Sainsburys they were selling 3 of their beers for £1 each, which seemed like a great deal. In fact I wish I'd bought a few more. Anyway I will be tasting each over the next few nights, here's my first review of Chaos Theory.