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499th beer competition

written on 23 Aug 2010


Well, What Ales You has been going for a while now.

Progress has been steady and now I've realised we're at our 499th beer.

To celebrate this, I've devised a small competition. To enter simply add a beer with a photo, description and review. I'll pick my favourite two entries (witty reviews and good photos help!) to send prizes to. Rules:

  • The beer must be new to the site (and actually exist).
  • You must add it as a registered user (so I can verify who added it).
  • It must include a description (objective) and a review.
  • It must include a photo of the beer, preferably taken by you.
  • You have to msg me on Twitter @whatalesyou to confirm your entry (or email me on the contact form below).
  • Entries are welcome from across the globe, but if you're not a UK resident I may have to substitute your prize for gift vouchers etc since the prize may not survive international travel (note it is NOT alcohol though).

The cut-off point is a week from today, the 30th August at 10am.

Good luck and happy writing.